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nothing is what it seems anymore - Kenna
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The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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Dazzling artwork with flowers by Limzy

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Magnus Celestii 

Irish designer Joseph Walsh has created this enormous free form sculpture, currently part of the Design Show exhibition at the New Art Centre in Roche Court, Wiltshire, UK, begins as a desk in the center of the room. The layers of ash wood then curl upward in a spiral that grows outward, throughout the room, ending as a large shelf extending along one wall of the gallery.

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Photographer: Thandiwe Muriu
Makeup Artist: Cultured Ego
Model: Anok Kuol

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Little Dragon - Let Go





Beautiful Graphic Art Made With Rolls of Packing Tape by Mark Khaisman




DAY 2 - Someone you like, Celebrity

Janelle Monae is my queen and role model!! Her music is socially aware, not to mention catchy. The image she crafts for herself is really smart and inspiring. I admire her confidence, determination, and passion. 

Animation referenced off her music video for Tightrope

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Versus/Hearts by Dan Matutina.

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Afrofuturist - Fucking Young! Online

Model: Zelig Wilson

Photographer: Ruud Baan

Wynter Gordon - Bad Thing


America’s Oddly Beautiful Suburban Sprawl, Photographed From The Sky

In a new book, photographer Christoph Gielen shows us haunting images of our endlessly repetitive development.


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Libraries in many big cities often serve as de facto homeless shelters — a place for people living on the streets to find quiet and warmth — and it can make others, there to just check out books or videos, uncomfortable.

KQED’s Scott Shafer reports that’s why the San Francisco Public Library has hired a full-time social worker. She spends her days roaming the library floors, keeping an eye out for regulars who look like they could use her help. And sometimes she hires the formerly homeless patrons she’s helped, like Joe Bank, to do outreach under her supervision.

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